Receive large files from clients

Do you have to get files from clients that are, let's say, not too tech-savvy?

You can tell those clients to email you the files, but bad things happen when clients email files:

  • Files get lost in never-ending inboxes full of never-ending email strings
  • You're always sifting through a jumbled mess of outdated file versions and "oops, sorry, forgot to attach" emails
  • You know deep in your heart of hearts that getting files via email is frighteningly insecure.

Emails are a good way to communicate, but a bad way to manage files.

What about Dropbox, you say? You could just ask those pesky clients to make a Dropbox account, then upload their files, then right click on the folder they uploaded the files to, then hit share and type in—oh their free Dropbox account is full? They don't understand the abstract concept of creating a shared Dropbox folder? Ugh, okay...

Bleh! Your job isn't tech support. You've got work to do! But you can't do that work until you've got the files you need, so playing tech support becomes a necessity.

What you need is a web page with a big "drag your files in here" box that immediately zoops client files to an organized folder on your computer.

You need files sent to the person they need to get to with no middle man, no emails back-and-forth, and no complicated logins or account setup.

Your dream upload page needs to be:

  • Simple: most of your clients are uncomfortable with technology, so you want fewer confusing steps in the upload process. You need a clean and friendly interface to keep those clients calm and happy.
  • Secure: when you're getting social security numbers, tax returns, and all those other documents that people keep under their mattresses, you and your clients need to be comfortable knowing that the process will be safe end to end.
  • Streamlined: no one likes dealing with complicated software, not even software developers. You need a file system that works reliably for huge files, thousands of files, and everything in between, every time, without asking you to understand Javascript and hand over your first born for it.

Since using Fileinbox, we've never had any issues. It's pretty intuitive. It just says "drag and drop here" and you drag and drop. Everyone we've ever sent it to just kind of figures it out.

Charles Sears Program Director of The Alaskan Film Royal Received 226 independent films and documents since September of 2014

Hi, I'm A portrait of the developer as a young manChristian Genco, and I want to help.

Recieving files is a hard, expensive problem, and it's a problem Fileinbox has solved for over 70,000 people and counting.

In only the time it takes you to type 1 the name of your business, 2 your email, and 3 the word "Password," you can make a shiny and beautiful upload site with a big welcoming "drag your files here" box ready to start soliving your file upload problems.

Create a Fileinbox Upload Page

Stop asking clients to email files

Just email your clients a link to your new file upload page and start recieving files instantly.

Want your file upload box to be on your website? Copy and paste a line of Fileinbox code to your website (don't worry—no programming knowledge required) and BOOM: file upload box with your company's color scheme right there on your website:

Themed Fileinbox upload widget for the United Methodist Credit Union

Don't want to edit your website? No worries! Fileinbox will make a custom-branded page for you with a professional, easy-to-remember link (like

Create a Custom-Branded File Upload Page

Soon tens or hundreds or thousands of clients could be dumping decades of PDFs into your Fileinbox all at once, and you'll feel perfectly organized, knowing that you haven't missed anything.

Not to mention: your clients will love Fileinbox. There are no complicated logins or forms, no account passwords to remember, and it’s still bank-level secure (files are transfered through Transport Layer Security 1.2 with an AES-128 cipher).

I send clients my Fileinbox link while I'm on a Zoom call, and it's so easy. If I had to tell these people to go to Dropbox, then I've got to take the time to setup a Dropbox folder which takes time, and then I have to share it, and blah blah blah it would just be a mess. Fileinbox is very easy. And every single subject that I'm filming says to me afterwards "well that was simple."

Shannon Connor Kick Learning CEO Received 2,396 video testimonials and documents on Fileinbox since January 2016

With emails, the problem was that files were coming from everywhere and it was impossible to track down the right version. Now that our team's bigger, using Fileinbox allows us to centralize all the files in one place. It's perfect for us

Benjamin Kwan Teau Rapido Livres Received 15,058 book assets on Fileinbox since September 2014

Before we existed, there were film competitions all over Alaska with a physical location that you had to drop your film off. When we created our competition, we didn't want people six hours away in Kenai or Fairbanks or Seward or Homer to feel excluded. We scoured the internet looking for everything we could, and Fileinbox was the only solution that had what we needed: a clean embedded drag and drop system that let us upload more than 200 megabytes and could be customized to our brand. We're now the longest running competition in Alaska, and we would not be able to do what we do without Fileinbox. It separated us from any other competition that has been here before.

Charles Sears Program Director of The Alaskan Film Royal Received 226 independent films and documents since September of 2014

Fileinbox also lets you:

  • lock down uploads with a secret access code so you don’t get spammed
  • keep everyone on your team updated with notifications when new client files drop in
  • receive outrageously large files, if your client ever wants to send you some videos
  • turn confusing paper forms into snazzy web forms that get dropped in as if they were files

Ready to try it out?

Don't worry, there’s no long-term contract and you can cancel or change your plan at any time.

Create a Fileinbox Upload Page

20 file free trial, no credit card required, and a money-back guarantee if Fileinbox isn't perfect for you. Plans start as low as $29/month

Can I embed a file upload widget in my website?

Of course! Clients love seeing file uploads directly embedded in your website. That means there's no link for them to remember! Just tell clients, "Click on the Upload Files button on my website, and drag-and-drop files onto that page." It's that easy.

Embedded file upload widgets look best when they're themed to match your site. If you'd like help theming your page, just reach out! You can send me an email at [email protected] or click on my chat widget in the lower right of this screen and I'll be happy to help with whatever you need (yes, really me, not a robot).

What about spam?

Spam is awful, so you shouldn't have to deal with it! Fileinbox's access code ability ensures that unverified uploaders can't send you a thing.

Plus, because Fileinbox is a totally separate system from your website, you don't need to worry about attackers uploading malicious files to sneak into the rest of your data. You can sleep soundly knowing you won't have to deal with random uploads or website attacks.

Can uploaders see eachother's files?

Nope! You decide exactly who has access to the files you receive.

What if I try it and I don't like it?

If you're not 100% satisfied with your new file workflow, then shoot me an email at [email protected] and you'll get a full, no-questions-asked refund.

I work with clients who are not entirely web-savvy and often do not have any sort of sharable cloud service account of their own; Fileinbox is a great tool to be able to send them to a simple upload page where they can upload files to me that are too large for email attachment.

Chris Nelson-Jeffers Brekshire CEO Received hundreds of non web-savvy client files since March 2015

We love Fileinbox - you have no idea how great it’s been for our business.We no longer have to track down email attachments and faxes, and everything the customer does on their end is very simple - it’s much more streamlined than anything we’ve ever had.

Rick Elmendorf Caliber Home Loans Received 3,714 customer loan documents since January 2016

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If you're more of the do-it-yourself type, you can get started now:

Create a Fileinbox Upload Page

Questions? I'm happy to help! Shoot me an email at [email protected] or click the Help & Support box in the lower right of this screen. I personally read and respond to every message I get.