Upload your Shut-In Session Files 

Congratulations on completing the promotion for your Shut-In Session.  Please follow these steps carefully!

1. RECORD EACH OF YOUR PREORDERS:  You should have received a final sales report for your campaign.  These reports contain an order number, customer name, song choice, and any pertinent messages or notes.  You should create a recording of the song of the customer's choice, complete with a message to the customer from you somewhere during the recording.  This is really important, so don't forget this!  It can be a message thanking them for their support or anything else you'd like to say.  The important thing is that they know this particular recording and vinyl record were made specifically for them.

As a reminder, these recordings cannot run longer than 5 minutes.  If they do, the end of the recording will not be included on the record

As for your recording equipment, setup and location:  We'll leave this entire to you!  If you have a home studio, great!  A simple bedroom Garageband setup, that's great too!  Even iPhone Voice Memo recordings from your porch are great.  We're excited to hear the creative ways that you'll create these recordings.  The more unique, the better!  Above all else, be spontaneous and in the moment.  An authentic performance trumps a Pro Tools masterpiece for this particular project.

2. PREPARE YOUR FILES: Save a different  MP3 or WAV for each recording.  For example, if you got 20 preorders, you will submit 20 total files.  IMPORTANT:  Please name each of your files with the order number AND song title, like this:  12068-Song Title.mp3.  This will help us match each order to your the recording you've made.

3. MAKE SOME FOR YOURSELF! If you'd like to put some of your royalty money towards extra records to sell on your merch table, great!  These wholesale records are $15, which will be subtracted from the royalty you have coming for your preorders.   For these, follow the same steps above, and name these files Wholesale-Song Title.mp3.  If you'd like more wholesale records than your royalty will cover, that's great too, we're happy to bill you for the difference!

Once you have all of your files ready to upload, come back here to send them to us using the form below.

3. UPLOAD YOUR AUDIO.  Fill out the information below and follow the prompts to upload your audio.  Your audio cannot be upload from your mobile device.  You'll need a desktop/laptop for this final step.  Once we have received your files, your royalty check can be released!

Your full name
Your band/act name
Your email address