Worldwide Silent Night Recording Upload 

Once you have practiced with the guide track and have recorded yourself performing, it's time to submit!

Before you submit: Make sure you recorded correctly!
  • Please dress in a way that celebrates your own cultural, philosophical, and/or spiritual heritage whilst also adhering to our color scheme: black, white, grey, silver, purple. (For those that would like to keep things simple, all black is also an option.)
  • Record in a vertical/portrait orientation
  • Face the camera and center yourself in the frame without moving too much - we want to see your face!
  • Count with the conductor in the guide track before the piece started
  • Use earbuds to follow the guide track - we only want to hear your voice or instrument in the recording, not the guide track

Complete the form below, then click "next." Then you'll just need to drag and drop (or select from your device's library) your video recording into the upload box that appears after submitting your form!

Production of these virtual projects costs about $25 per participant. Muse Phoenix relies on the generous contributions of music-lovers like you to help us continue to make these opportunities available. Typically, a little under half of participants are able to donate - if you are able to help beyond your own participation, please consider doing so!
Please consider making a donation of any amount to Muse Phoenix.

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