"I hate having to track down email attachments"

It’s frustrating to hunt for that one file you need. Which client emailed it? When did they send it? Who did they send it to? Agh - they filled out the old form.

It only gets worse the more clients you get. Five or ten people’s files would be manageable, but a few dozen? A few hundred?! Forget about it - your job is becoming Chief File Manager.

It’s even worse when you need a client’s sensitive information. Tax documents and bank statements are a huge liability to have floating around in an email.

What if:

  • you never had to go hunting through emails for an attachment again?
  • new client files organized themselves?
  • clients that weren’t at all web-savvy could send you perfectly filled out PDF forms?
  • getting files larger than 20 megabytes was just as easy as getting smaller ones? (Also, what the heck is a megabyte and why can we only email 20 of them?!)
  • everyone on your team had access to every client file they needed
We love Fileinbox - you have no idea how great it’s been for our business.We no longer have to track down email attachments and faxes, and everything the customer does on their end is very simple - it’s much more streamlined than anything we’ve ever had.
Rick and Marie Elmendorf, Caliber Home Loans
A portrait of the developer as a young man

Hi, I’m Christian Genco, and I built Fileinbox to solve your file management problems.

I’m weirdly passionate about digital files, and I have a personal vendetta against paper. If you send me a birthday card, I’ll thank you, scan it, and throw it away.

I’ve been building web software to manage files since 2012. My predecessor to Fileinbox (DBinbox.com) has helped over 70,000 people receive and organize over six million files.

At my wealth advising firm, we need a secure and easy way for our clients/prospects to send us personal documents. Typically they are tax documents, bank statements, etc. They have sensitive client data that we wouldn’t want freely floating around and Fileinbox has helped our clients upload these docs in a quick and secure way. It beats paper documents (we’re a pretty paperless office), faxing, or emailing with encryption/passwords.

With Fileinbox handling your client files, you won’t need to spend any time organizing. Fileinbox keeps everything tidy for you, so you can jump right to a client’s folder and see all their files in one place.

Your clients will love Fileinbox. Just send them a secure link and they’ll shoot files over with a simple drag and drop. No complicated logins, no passwords to remember, and it’s still bank-level secure.

Want Fileinbox integrated in your website? No problem. Fileinbox is super easy to seamlessly embed in any site.

Fancy embedded file upload forms like the one below take less than five minutes to install on any website (even if you know nothing about coding):


We've used Fileinbox for the last several years as our file drop system for our clients. We have a Fileinbox embedded upload interface on a page of our website, which we share with our clients when they need to send materials to us. Our clients love it. And we do too, because it keeps our email inboxes clean.

Fileinbox also lets you:

  • lock down uploads with a secret access code so you don’t get spammed
  • keep everyone on your team updated with notifications when new client files drop in
  • receive outrageously large files, if your client ever wants to send you some videos
  • turn confusing paper forms into snazzy web forms that get dropped in as if they were files

You’ve got a business to run. Every second you spend hunting down a file is a second you could be spending doing actual work.

Let Fileinbox take away the worry and hassle of managing client files.

Interested? Sign up today and your first 14 days are free. It’ll take you less than five minutes to start getting files from your clients the easy way.

Start your free 14-day Fileinbox trial now and never hunt for another client file

Don’t worry, there’s no long-term contract and you can cancel or change your plan at any time.


Questions? You could shoot me an email at christian@fileinbox.com, but why not try out a Fileinbox contact form instead?


I work with clients who are not all entirely web-savvy and often do not have any sort of sharable cloud service account of their own (or have trouble figuring out how to set a file or folder for online sharing), so Fileinbox is a great tool to be able to send them to a simple upload page where they can upload files to me that are too large for email attachment
Chris Nelson-Jeffers, breckshire.com
The members of our NGO need to upload their articles/documents/pictures/etc. which are often too big for email and their knowledge of the digital world is not that good. Fileinbox gives me an easy way to get the documents and keep them organized.
Stefaan Haesen
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