Updated File Upload Page settings 🥳

I have a fun (and quick) announcement today about Fileinbox - a file upload form builder that can be embedded in your website and send files to your cloud storage.

I livened up the Upload Page settings! 🥳

That may not sound super exciting, but just look at how drab this page was before:

Old settings page

Ugh - gross. Is that an accordion to get to nested settings? That's so 2010.

The new settings are much more hip:

The new paneled settings page

They also feature a bouncing save button that only shows up if you make a change, which I'm INCREDIBLY proud of:

The new bouncing save button is magnificent

I'm not willing to admit to you how much time I spent getting that bouncing animation exactly right, because it was an embarrassingly long amount of time. I love it though.

Behind the scenes, I've been working on integrating a cutting-edge new technology for making web applications called React.

React is incredibly powerful (and also quite a trick to learn how to use). It made it much easier to make the settings page better. React also makes it easier for me to make Fileinbox do much more of the work in creating file upload pages for you.

As a quick example: if you wanted to make a new page before, you'd have to:

  1. Visit the new page form
  2. Try to figure out what a "slug" was
  3. Click "create"
  4. Probably get an error back saying "this slug is already taken"
  5. Go back to 2

Here's my way simpler new page form that doesn't ask you about slugs, and automatically checks if it's available for you:

The new page form is wonderful and easy to use

This type of interactive form is really hard to build if you're not using something like React, which is why it's very rare to have web applications that work well (I'm looking at you, Alamo Car Rentals ಠ_ಠ).

So go make a new file upload page and try not to get distracted by my incredible bouncing save buttons 😊

-Christian, founder of fileinbox.com